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hello there!

My name is Hana Shimpo and I'm a Design bachelor student at Federal University of Maranhão (Brazil), concluding my journey in 2021. My interest for game design and animation got me an international student scholarship at the University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio, TX, USA), for their 3D Animation & Game Design program in the year of 2014, via the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program.

My ultimate passion is web design. HTML/CSS are friends of mine since I was a kid who just got a computer, back in 2005 — I had a blog in which I discussed about the basics of Japanese culture, so I decided to make my own layouts and the rest is history. From 2015 up until 2019, I was the main coder of a Brazilian Jcink RPG board, coding all of its skins and internal codes.

I've worked as a freelance web and graphic designer since 2018. My experiences include branding, visual identity, web design (HTML/CSS), graphic design and typography. Everything I do is based on practice, study and learning from people who love to code and share their experiences.