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hello there!

my name is hana shimpo and i’m a design student at the federal university of maranhão (UFMA), based in brazil.

you should know that i have strong affections for the 8-bit aesthetic — that’s kind of the only reason i decided to design my portfolio like this —, but i’m pretty much more of a videogame player than a creator. regardless, my interest for game design and animation got me an international student scholarship at the university of the incarnate world (san antonio, TX, USA), for their 3D animation & game design program in the year of 2013 (jan → dec).

my ultimate passion is web design. i’ve been messing around with HTML since i was this kid who just got a computer, back in 2004 — i had a blog in which i discussed about the basics of japanese culture, so i decided to make my own layouts and, well, i never let go of that. nowadays i’m the main coder of a brazilian jcink RPG board focused on harry potter, called last train home. i code its skins and internal codes, but i also create characters and write their stories with the collaboration of other RPG players. writing, by the way, is my second ultimate passion!

everything i do is based on practice, studying and learning from people that love to code and share their experiences on the internet. i work mostly with photoshop, illustrator and indesign. i’ve had some experiences with maya and mudbox as well. for coding, sublime text is also a great friend of mine (i used to work with dreamweaver, but then we parted ways).